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September 2015 Archives

A look at third-party custody rights in Maryland

Here in Maryland, family law issues aren't always easy to sort out without legal representation. That's because our state's laws have been in existence for many, many years; and over the course of that time, statutes have been added, subtracted or amended, making our laws more complex and difficult to understand without the right legal background.

I suspect my spouse is hiding assets, what should I do?

While any divorce can be challenging and even overwhelming at times, this can be even more so for high-asset couples. That's because considerable wealth, large investments and large caches of property and items can be tremendously challenging to sort out, particularly if the couple has been together for a long time or their assets are significantly entangled.

What is a separation agreement and how does it work?

It can be hard to know what you can and cannot do in accordance with family law when you don't have a sufficient legal background. Generally, most people only have a vague understanding of the law - not enough to successfully guide them through a legal issue. In most cases, it's a person's lack of knowledge that leaves them asking questions like the one we're asking above:

Is jumping to conclusions about Ashley Madison hack a bad idea?

If you pay attention to the news like we do, then you've probably heard about a number of computer hacks that have taken place over the last year. From hacks on company servers to websites, computer hacking can be devastating because it can negatively impact lives. This was perhaps best exemplified recently after the hack on the website called Ashley Madison.

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