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January 2016 Archives

Making a custody arrangement? Consider what the kids have to say

Figuring out a child custody agreement both parents can agree to can be incredibly challenging in some situations, especially if neither parent is willing to become the noncustodial parent or agree to a joint custody arrangement. But as hard as parents think these disputes are on them, some experts believe the effect is far worse on children, who are typically caught in the middle with nowhere to go.

How bragging on social media could affect your alimony obligation

It's uncommon for Marylanders to care about legal cases in other states. It's even rarer, though, for them to care about cases in other countries. That's because most people know that the outcomes of these cases are affected by laws that do not pertain to residents in Maryland. Nonetheless, we'd like to call our Gaithersburg readers' attention to a story from India. That's because the legal issue at stake is one that could raise questions in our country as easily as it did overseas.

New England court says it can't reverse a divorce

If you're interested in learning about intriguing legal issues, then you've come to the right place. In today's post, we're going to be taking a look at a divorce case that involves a rather unique set of circumstances. Though the case takes place in another jurisdiction far from that of Maryland, the elements of the case raise an important question worth asking in our state and others: Can you ever reverse a divorce decree?

What do I do if my former spouse won't return our child?

Imagine that you are a custodial parent who is expecting to pick up your child after a scheduled visit with your former partner. But when you go to retrieve your child, they are not there and neither is the noncustodial parent. If you're like most parents, you might start to panic or worry about whether you'll see your child again. You may even wonder what your next legal steps should be to ensure that this never happens to you.

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