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Don McLean and Wife End Marriage After 30 Years

The famed singer/songwriter of 'American Pie' has finally said goodbye to his marriage. Don McLean finalized his divorce earlier this month after 30 years of marriage. The divorce comes after several years of high-profile mishaps including an arrest for domestic violence late last year.

The court filings indicate that his ex-spouse alleged "adultery, cruel and abusive treatment, and irreconcilable differences" as reasons to justify divorce in her complaint.

It should be noted that Mr. McLean maintained his innocence regarding the domestic violence charge both in court as well as in a message posted on his Facebook page. But what appears certain is that the marriage had been in trouble for some time.

Allegedly, Mr. McLean abrogated the prenuptial agreement and agreed to give his ex-spouse $10 million. This may suggest that his spouse was entitled to much less. It is known that as part of the separation, he agreed to never see or contact her again.

Any high-profile divorce is going to be complicated. The longer a marriage lasts, the harder it will be to disentangle those two lives. It is very difficult to determine who should get what, how to divide up retirements, property, and other assets. These problems are compounded if the couple is high-profile. High-profile couples do not have to be famous, they are more often prominent members of the community.

If you are considering a divorcee, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Divorces are already complicated however if your divorce is coming after 20 or more years of marriage then it is only to become even harder. Not to mention the issues associated with high-profile couples. An attorney can serve as a shield to help protect you from the worst of the fallout. You don't need to face this problem alone, an attorney can help you.

Source: NY Daily News, "'American Pie' singer Don McLean and wife finalize divorce", Melanie Dostis, June 21, 2016

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