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Can you get an interstate custody agreement?

Currently, 48 states and the District of Columbia have enacted a version of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Only Massachusetts and Vermont have refused to follow this trend. The UCCJEA harmonizes the child custody rules among the various states to facilitate relocation and moving between the states. Before the UCCJEA, a parent's actions might comply in one state, but violate the rules of the state he or she was moving into. It was a complicated, legal nightmare that was solved when the states decided to harmonize their laws. This post will go over the UCCJEA and how it may help you obtain a move away order.

Visitation rights for unmarried fathers, Part 1

Mothers are granted parental rights when they give birth. Fathers can establish paternity (parental rights) in a number of the ways. The easiest method is by being married to the mother at the time of the birth or signing a document that affirmatively established fatherhood. But what can unmarried fathers do who were not present at the birth and did not establish paternity? Do they have any visitation or custody rights? This post will go over how they can establish those rights.

Noninvasive prenatal paternity test is highly accurate

There are numerous DNA tests out there. However, accuracy and invasiveness are always concerns. Fathers and children can give blood samples, but it can be a traumatic experience. Some companies, to overcome these issues, designed a noninvasive prenatal test to allow for easy and accurate DNA testing. A published study tested those claims and this post will go over their findings.

Do I need to establish paternity in Maryland for child custody?

For a lot of people, becoming a parent is a wonderful thing. Most can hardly wait to start spending time with their children and teaching them the ways of the world. While this may be easy for married parents, for unmarried parents, the process is far more difficult.

Making a custody arrangement? Consider what the kids have to say

Figuring out a child custody agreement both parents can agree to can be incredibly challenging in some situations, especially if neither parent is willing to become the noncustodial parent or agree to a joint custody arrangement. But as hard as parents think these disputes are on them, some experts believe the effect is far worse on children, who are typically caught in the middle with nowhere to go.

What do I do if my former spouse won't return our child?

Imagine that you are a custodial parent who is expecting to pick up your child after a scheduled visit with your former partner. But when you go to retrieve your child, they are not there and neither is the noncustodial parent. If you're like most parents, you might start to panic or worry about whether you'll see your child again. You may even wonder what your next legal steps should be to ensure that this never happens to you.

What should I do if my spouse isn't following a custody order?

If you're a non-custodial parent with a restrictive custody agreement, you probably cherish every moment you get to spend with your children. For you, these visits are a way for you to remain connected to your children and ever-present in their lives. If you lost these moments, you might lose the relationship you've worked so hard to maintain.

How establishing paternity can help unmarried Maryland fathers

If you're an unmarried father living in Maryland, you probably have a lot of questions running through your head right now. But if you're like a lot of other new fathers, none of these questions probably have anything to do with establishing paternity. If this is the case for you, you're not alone.

A look at third-party custody rights in Maryland

Here in Maryland, family law issues aren't always easy to sort out without legal representation. That's because our state's laws have been in existence for many, many years; and over the course of that time, statutes have been added, subtracted or amended, making our laws more complex and difficult to understand without the right legal background.

The 'best interest of the child' doesn't always lead to shared parenting

In many states across the nation, judges take into consideration a child's best interests when making custody determinations. What this means can differ from state to state though. Here in Maryland, judges take into consideration a myriad of things such as existing custody agreements, the fitness of each parent, the age of the child, and whether one parent takes care of the child more than the other, just to name a few.

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