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Changing jobs and modifying child support orders

You may think that when you change jobs you are automatically entitled to modify your child support order. This isn't necessarily true. There are a handful of reasons that justify modifying a support order. A job change could be one of these reasons, but it isn't in and of itself a justification. This post will go over those changes and how they might affect you.

Do I have to account for how I spend child support?

Parents are linked to each other forever through their children. This means that fights you had when you were together can still come up even though you are no longer romantically involved. For instance, money can still be a major source of contention and many people fight over child support.

I need more child support, how do I go about requesting more?

Over time, it's inevitable that a person's financial situation is going to change. This is particularly true for divorced or single parents. As a child grows older, their needs change - it may become more expensive to feed and clothe them. Even a sudden illness or severe injury can leave a custodial parent asking the very important question above:

Child support arrearages and Maryland's debt compromise program

As some of our Gaithersburg readers know from personal experience, child support enforcement in Maryland could be better. It's estimated by the Office of Child Support Enforcement that, nationwide, a total of roughly $100 billion in child support arrearages has accumulated since the creation of the nation child support enforcement program more than 40 years ago. Though arrearages here in Maryland only make up a fraction of this total, it's an amount that is felt by each and every family who is currently waiting for overdue support payments.

How long is a Maryland parent required to pay child support?

At the McKeon Law Firm, we know that not all of our Gaithersburg readers are experts in the area of family law. That's why, on our blog, we like to answer questions that may be on the minds of our readers. By answering theses questions, we hope to give our readers a better understanding of the law as well as stress the importance of talking to an experienced attorney when necessary.

Maryland child support enforcement good but not perfect yet

About four years ago, a number of people in Maryland were shocked when legislative auditors uncovered a number of problems with our state's child support enforcement system. According to the report, our state's Child Support Enforcement Administration had not been utilizing important enforcement tools, such as wage garnishment, to seize court-ordered funds. This caused tens of thousands of dollars in child support to go unpaid to the custodial parents who relied on these payments to support their children.

Are medical expenses included in the child support I pay?

After a divorce or breakup, many noncustodial parents in Maryland dutifully pay their required child support every month. Depending on their income, these parents may pay hundreds of even thousands of dollars a month. But then they may be forced to make additional payments for medical expenses. Aren't these expenses already included in the monthly child support, and if not, what types of expenses must be shared by both parents?

Child support may still be required in absence of visitation

Some Maryland parents believe that if they don't pay child support, then they don't have to be responsible for the life they helped create. What many don't understand is that child support and visitation rights are not connected. When a person is determined to be a child's father, he or she has a duty to pay child support. Read on to learn more about the laws regarding child custody and support.

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